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Samsung MV800


Looking to take outstanding photos? Then look for the unexpected angles! Presenting the Samsung MV800 with the Flip-out Display, the camera that lets you easily capture life in ways you never could before. With the MV800’s wide range of features, you can approach the shot from every direction, and explore every artistic possibility. Shoot from overhead or from down low —you’ll add a dynamic sense of drama you simply can’t find in a picture taken straight on. Then use the Flip-out Display as a kickstand to prop up the camera, and instantly play back your brilliant shots for everybody to enjoy.

The Flip-out Display - Life, from all angles

Easily capture your unique perspective. The MV800’s 3.0" Display flips up and down so you can frame shots at any angle without having to twist your body or bend your back. Snap a high-angle shot over a crowd to effortlessly capture a street performance, or get waist-level candids of your dog. Take low angle shots without getting on the ground, or spin the display all the way around for dazzling self-portraits.The LCD lets you stand the camera so
everyone can enjoy from a comfortable position. Life’s more fun when you can cover all the angles.

Stylish design that captures your imagination

Engineered for the style-conscious, the MV800 has a slim, sleek, minimalist form that’s as impressive as its photographic functions. From the bolts to the lens barrel, the camera’s striking, sensuous front case is uniformly crafted from shimmering metal. All complements by the stunning 3.0" touchscreen.

Elevate your photography
with high picture quality

Whether you’re hitting the boutiques with friends, or enjoying mocha lattes and conversation at a café, capture the moment perfectly with the high-res quality of 16.1 mega pixels. But don’t stop there: the 5x optical zoom lets you get up close to get even closer to your friends . And hould a whole group of friends decide to join you, get them all in the picture too — the MV800 features a 26mm wide-angle lens that lets you go really wide to ensure you get every smile in the picture.

your home screen
with Smart touch 3.0

If you already have a smartphone with a touchscreen, then you’ll feel right at home with the MV800’s interface — and right at home with the wallpaper you choose. Smart Touch 3.0 lets you drag and scroll through menu options intuitively and effortlessly to launch the feature you want — with one touch. And it’s your camera — so put your personal stamp on the display with customizable wallpaper. The MV800 comes with great backgrounds to choose from — or, for even more fun, personalise the wallpaper with your current favorite image. Then show it off to anyone, anytime!

Show both side of the
story with picture in
picture shot

Why settle for one picture when you can have two at the same time? Picture in Picture Shot lets you insert one image within another, to capture the full, glorious story you want to share. Snap a picture of a friend bowling a strike, then combine it with an image of everyone cheering the score. Adjust the size and position of the smaller picture to create endless variations.

See what you're going to get with Live panorama

With Live Panorama, you can practically capture the whole wide world without having to step back! Live Panorama lets you see the final image in advance, so you know you’re getting the picture you want. It’s as simple as holding down the shutter button and sweeping the camera across the scene.

Add hocus pocus to your photo with Magic Frame

Make a portrait look like an antique, or put your face on a rising moon — Magic Frame’s 12 background templates offer lots of picture-taking enjoyment. You can even rub an area of a photo to create your own Magic Frame, and insert another image. Add your friend to a group shot or add yourself to a crowd. There are many possibilities for fun — especially when you share the poster-quality results!

Bring on the laughter with funny face

Who needs a funhouse mirror when you have the MV800 handy? The Funny Face feature lets you bend, stretch and warp the portraits of friends and family to hilarious effect. Simply tap the screen to enlarge heads or noses, or drag your fingers across the screen to radically distort faces. Face Tracking ensures that the distorted face remains the same, even if you move the camera.

More fun, more artistry with Smart Filter

Boost creative fun with Smart Filter 3.0 — right on the display! Cartoon Filter makes any photo look like an animated film scene while Cross Filter makes light sources appear to have several points of light, like stars. And Zooming Shot adds motion lines to make it look like you’re speeding towards your subject. There’s also Water Paint, Oil Painting, Half-tone Dot — and more!

3D Photo

3D Photo makes every picture stand out in stunning 3D glory. Just hook the camera up to a 3D HDTV to display both still images and panoramic photos with incredible depth and dimension. Now you can immerse yourself in memories like never before.

Pose Guide

Use the Pose Guide function to show your subjects just how to position themselves for the perfect shot. Select from a gallery of posed models on the LCD screen, and then have your subject match the pose. Portrait success in a snap!

Photo Editor

The easy-to-navigate Photo Editor lets you rotate images, add effects, and crop out distracting elements in the background — all on the display. There’s also the Beauty Shot feature you can use to edit out facial imperfections, like blemishes.

Storyboard Maker

Create storyboards for film or other creative efforts. Simply choose the template you want, and place your shots into the layout. A virtual keyboard lets you add text — then see your story clearly laid out on the display!

HD Movie with ZNR

Crystal-clear video deserves crystal-clear sound. HD Movie with Zoom Noise Reduction (ZNR) automatically adjusts and optimises the sound when recording in HD, and even eliminates the whirring noise of the zoom function. Your ears will thank you.

Intelligent Portrait

Take three different pictures of the same scene, at the same time, with Intelligent Portrait. Snap a wide-angle shot of a friend and the camera captures two other good angles and compositions — you get three great shots for one click.


Image Sensor
CCD Image Sensor
Approx 16.15 Megapixels
Approx 16.44 Megapixels
Image Stabilization
Dual IS (OIS + DIS)
TTL auto focus Type
Focusing Range: Normal: 80cm - Infinity (Wide) / 150cm - infinity (Tele) ,Macro: 5 - 80cm (Wide) / 100 - 150cm (Tele), Auto Macro: 5cm - Infinity (Wide) / 100cm - Infinity (Tele)
Exposure Contorl: Program AE
Metering: Centre Weighted / Multi / Spot / Face Detection
Focal Length: Schneider Lens f= 4.7 - 23.5mm (35mm Film Equivalent: 26 - 130mm)
F3.3 (W) - F5.9 (T)
5X Optical Zoom Lens
Digital Zoom: Still Image Mode: 1 - 5X
3.0" Wide Display Size
Display Feature: 3.0" (7.62cm) 288000 Pixels
Shutter Speed
Shutter Speed: Auto: 1/8 - 1/2,000 seconds / Program: 1 - 1/2,000 seconds /Night: 16 - 1/2,000 seconds / AEB,continuous: 1/4 - 1/2,000 seconds

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