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Targus Ultra Max Laptop Cable Lock

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The Targus Ultra Max Notebook Cable lock is made with industrial strength Technora coated cable fiber offering astonishing pull strength to over 2,300 pounds. At 8mm thick, this ultra strong cable offers maximum security. Up to 10,000 4-digit combinations are possible and they can be set or changed at any time. It conveniently attaches to any notebook or other hardware equipped with a lock slot.

  • Prevention

Armor plated cable offers the highest level of resistance to breakage that will undermine all but the most determined thief.

  • Deterrent

Kevlar reinforced cable offers greater resistance to the more determined thief.

  • Lock Slot

Lock attaches to your laptop using the rectangular Lock Slot (standard on all laptops); impeding theft and acting as a great deterrent.


  • Technora technology - Using Technora fiber as part of the cable increases the pull strength of the cable to over 2,300 pounds
  • Vinyl-coated cable
  • Protect your notebook/LCD/projector - Attaches to a computer, LCD monitor, or projector equipped with a lock slot
  • Set your own password
  • - Up to 10,000 possible combinations that can be set or changed at any time


  • Color: Black
  • Exterior Dimensions: 6.5' of cable; 8mm thick
  • Weight: 9 oz

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