Razer Ironclad

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The Razer Ironclad gaming-grade mouse mat is engineered to bring out the most comfortable glide of today’s gaming-grade mice while retaining extraordinary tracking control. Its finely sandblasted reactive coating delivers optimal glide to both high- and low-sensitivity gamers. Built of a solid aluminum body that prevents warping, the Razer Ironclad is reinforced for strength and durability.

Ultra-Smooth Sandblasted Surface
The Razer Ironclad’s extra smooth sandblasted coating ensures the best gliding comfort and extraordinary tracking control for high-precision gaming.


Robust Unibody Construction for extra durability
The anodized aluminum body of the Razer Ironclad guarantees durability for intense gaming sessions over the years. Forget about signs of wear and tear thanks to its extremely solid unibody construction.


Extra-Large Mousing Area
Measuring 320mm (length) x 270mm (width) x 2.5mm (height), the Razer Ironclad provides an extra-large mousing area for low-sensitivity gamers who prefer wide sweeping movements.


Technical Specifications
  • Ultra-Smooth Sandblasted Speed Surface
  • Anodized Aluminum body
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Approximate size: 320 mm (length) x 270mm (width) x 2.5mm (height)

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