Plantronics Audio 655 USB Stereo PC Headset

Plantronics Audio 655 USB Stereo PC Headset

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  • Dual 40-mm speakers offer full-range audio with clear treble and deep rich base.
  • Lightweight and soft ear cushions extend comfort for all day wear including music, gaming, and phone calls.
  • Eliminates distracting background noise for Skype and Internet phone calls to make your voice sound crisp and clear.
  • Plug-and-play functionality requires no software or complicated software; just plug USB connector into device.
  •  Headset works with PCs and Macs for all music, gaming, and internet calls.

Simple Setup with Plug-and-Play and Convenient Volume Controls
Setting up the .Audio 655 Headset is a cinch: just plug the USB connector into your PC and you're ready to go. With true plug-and-play functionality, the .Audio 655 requires no software to install and no complicated setup.

Once connected, simply reach up to the controls located directly on the earpiece to change the volume.

Outstanding Sound for Great Music, Gaming, and DVD Experiences
Plantronics designed the .Audio 655 Headset to provide a full-spectrum audio experience. The headset has dual 40-mm speakers that provide full-range audio with clear treble and deep, rich bass. This means you'll enjoy an outstanding stereo performance when listening to digital music, and you'll enjoy great cinema-like sound when watching DVDs. The headset will also provide you with a great listening experience when you are playing games, listening to podcasts, and more.

Additionally, the cushioned earpieces of the .Audio 655 block ambient noise for fewer distractions, so you can easily focus on your Internet calls or gaming.

Clean and Clear Internet Calls
Eliminate noisy, hard to understand Internet calls with the .Audio 655 Headset. A noise-canceling, fully-adjustable, boom-style microphone transmits your voice clearly without the hiss of background noise. Whether you are using Skype or other Internet calling programs, your voice will sound crisp and clear.

The headset also features Fast Mic Mute technology, so you can quickly mute the microphone by raising the boom. The .Audio 655 Headset makes Internet calls simple and lets you concentrate on your conversation, rather than on the hassles of complicated technology.


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