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Fast, reliable, in short simply awesome! keep it up guys...
Fast service. The main thing I came on Vmart is the type of variety they offer in every range. Loved the mouse I bought from vmart,enzatech x-luca
Fast & reliable service... Excellent service...
VMart is best... a very quick service. i ordered a gaming mouse and i was expecting it would take about 3 - 4 days to reach. but i recieved it just the next day morning. And prices are awesome , as compared to other online shopping marts.
I have always felt the lacking in our country regarding shopping online. When you want to buy an article from Amazon or Ebay then you have to be really dissapointed that none of them offers online shopping facility to Pakisanis, it feels like we live in another world. Even India has got the pride of having all of these online shoppining websites facilitating their citizens. I was extremly glad to find vmart offering similar services compareable to amazon. I ordered Logitech's C510 webcam at night and next day it arrived. I appreciate the effort which has been put in by vmart regarding E-commerce in Pakistan. Their are some suggestipns to improve upon. They need to increase the number of goods and categories they are providing at the moment and also the price of many articles is somewhat 10-15% more then market price if they can make it more competitive, then I have no doubt they have a promising future.
Its wonderful to deal with dedicated company and hard working people who truly cares about customers and after sale services and are willing to go above and beyond the good-enough attitude. Will definitely recommend it to all.
This is so awsome.. ! so fast and efficient. Keep up the good work vmart.! =)
Best brands Best products Best prices Best services
I ordered somthing few days later.. The service, product, price, packaging and delivery everting was awesome and personely recomend u this online store... Its great and i love to ordered again and again..
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