HP Basic Adjustable Notebook Stand

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Turn your HP Business Notebook into a desktop solution supporting up to two displays (notebook display plus monitor or two external displays) or completely eliminate the external display by raising your computer screen to a comfortable level. Decide what kind of desktop solution suits you best – no display or up to two displays with your HP Business Notebook. The adaptable design of the HP Adjustable Notebook Stand lets you connect the HP Docking Station, the HP Advanced Docking Station or the HP 2400/2500 Series Docking Station.



The HP Basic Adjustable Notebook Stand can be used to turn your HP Business Notebook into a desktop solution.
Raise your computer screen to an adjustable comfortable eye level.
Use two displays at once to increase productivity – your notebook display, plus connect one external display via the VGA or DVI port on your docking station.
Keep your desktop clutter-free even when connecting multiple devices with the simple cable management channels on the back of the stand.