How to Order

How to Order?

You can place an order with us by any of the following 3 methods:

1) Place the order on the website (Follow the illustrative guide below)

2) via SMS to 0323 2290714, 0300 0720111 (Please mention your name, address, email address, landline number, mobile number and product you wish to buy)

3) via Email. Send an email to (Please mention your name, address, email address, landline number, mobile number and product you wish to buy)


If you have trouble placing an order on the website, follow the guide below:

i) If you like a product and wish to purchase it. click on the "Buy Now"  button on the product page:


2) A "Pop-Up" Menu will appear asking you whether you want to "Continue Shopping" or "Checkout"


3) If you want to buy another item, click on "Continue Shopping". If you want to buy this particular item only, then click on "Checkout"


4)  Once you click "checkout" a page containing your cart contents will open up. You can increase or decrease product quantity here or clear the cart if you don't wish to buy. You can also use a "discount coupon code" or "gift certificate code" if you have one. You can open the cart contents page anytime by clicking on the checkout link on top of the page:


5) Once you click "checkout" the login page will open. If you are an existing customer simply click on "Sign in" and insert your username and password.


6) If you are a new customer but do not wish to register on the website click on the "Checkout as guest" button.


7) Creating an account on our website has many benefits. You will not need to put your data (address, name, phone number etc) everytime you place an order. You can always simply just sign in with your registered ID. If you wish to Register, click on "Register" button.


8) Once you click on "Register" the Order form page will open up. Set a password and insert you name and email address. The "Company" field is non mandatory and can be left out. All the fields with * are mandatory and if you leave any of these blank you will not be able to proceed with checkout. If you do not have a landline number, simply put any other valid number or your mobile number again. Insert the Captcha and press "Continue".


9) If your billing and shipping address are same, simply fill out the "Billing Address" form below and press continue. If your shipping address is different than your billing address, uncheck the arrow next to "use my billing address"

10) Once you fill out your shipping address, press continue

11) Next Select a Payment Method. Please note some items are not available on some payment methods. In that case, our staff will contact you and inform you. Whichever payment method you choose, you will be given the information regarding that once you place the order. Again, if you have a discount coupon code or a gift certificate code, you can insert here. Once done, click "continue"



 12)  Next you will be asked to review your order details and if you need to change anything you can do it here. If all is set and you are ready to place the order, simply click on "Place Order".



13) Once you click on "Place order" you will get a confirmation page informing you that your order has been received. You will also get an invoice on the email address you provided. That's it! You're done! Now our staff will contact you and confirm / process your order.