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Graphic Tablets

Genius EasyPen i-405X 4"x5.5" with Cordless Pen USB

CODE: SKU001595

Rs.5500   Rs.4200
In stock
Now here's a simple, easy, and fun way to show your creativity. The new EasyPen i405 from Genius allows you to freely express yourself on your computer by... Read More

Genius MousePen i608X 6" x 8" Graphic Tablet
Rs.7500   Rs.6990
In stock
Increase your productivity and fun with any professional publishing software and MousePen i608, where you can draw and illustrate effortlessly. The... Read More

Genius G-Pen F509 5" x 9" Ultra Slim Tablet
Rs.7415   Rs.6990
  G-Pen F509 is the brand new slim tablet from Genius. It;s a 5.25; x 8.75; working area with one cordless pen for PC Windows and MAC users to... Read More

Genius EasyPen M406 4 x 6 Multimedia Tablet

CODE: SKU002338

Rs.7115   Rs.6900
In stock
Now painting and designing can be more enjoyable and effortless with the first battery-free multimedia tablet from Genius - EasyPen M406. This 4”x 6”... Read More

Genius G-Pen F610 6" x 10" ultra slim tablet for pen writing

CODE: SKU000656

Rs.10915   Rs.9900
G-Pen F610 is the brand new slim tablet with 6"x10" working area and one cordless pen for PC Windows and MACs to write, draw, sketch and sign emails. Using... Read More

Genius Kids Designer 5"x 8" Graphic Tablet for Kids
In stock
Let your children begin a great adventure which is full of excitement and creativity with the most innovative tablet from Genius - Kids Designer.... Read More

PenPower Picasso 10" x 6" Multi-Functional Digital Tablet

CODE: SKU002448

Rs.17115   Rs.16900
In stock
Picasso with efficient processor for computer graphics, visual design and image processing is made for the extraordinarily creative. The best companion for... Read More

Genius G-Pen M609 9" x 5.5" Dual-mode Multimedia tablet

CODE: SKU000749

Rs.13115   Rs.12900
In stock
The G-Pen M609 from Genius is an exquisite tablet is more advanced and creative than other tablets and features multimedia functions. The 4000 LPI high... Read More

Genius EasyPen 340 3"x 4" Tablet with Cordless Pen

CODE: SKU000326

Rs.4415   Rs.3800
In stock
3"x 4" tablet with cordless pen G-Pen 340 features a compact size and the result is your best tool for writing and drawing on the Internet or in... Read More

Genius EasyPen M610X 6"x 10" Graphic Tablet
In stock
Features   6” x 10” working area for drawing and handwriting 4000 LPI high accuracy and sensitivity 1024-level... Read More