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Genius - Pakistan

Genius SP-i170 Mini Portable Speaker
Rs.2205   Rs.1790
Without a power cord, Genius presents a portable speaker you can take just about anywhere, SP-i170. No matter if you’re indoor or outdoor, you can always... Read More

Genius Trio Racer F1 Racing Wheel for PC/PS3/Wii

CODE: SKU002344

Trio Racer F1 is the latest racing wheel from Genius. The multi-platform design enables it to be compatible with PC, PS3, Wii and GameCube racing games. It... Read More

Genius MIC-01A Desktop Microphone

CODE: SKU001870

Rs.715   Rs.450
In stock
The desktop microphone MIC-01A is in a new package design with “red” to identify the Genius “Live with Ideas” slogan. MIC-01A is... Read More

Genius HS-905BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Rs.4865   Rs.4650
In stock
  Genius’s new generation Bluetooth headset, HS-905BT, is a portable Bluetooth stereo headset in a clip-on design for mobile phone, iPad,... Read More

Genius ECO-u200 Universal Power Pack

CODE: ECO-u200

Rs.4015   Rs.3600
In stock
Are you looking for a solution so your smart phone lasts longer than it does? Here’s a solution to eliminate your frustration. Genius presents its... Read More

Genius 17" GX Gaming Backpack

CODE: GB-1750

In stock
The new Genius GX-Gaming Backpack is designed to carry and protect laptops up to 17” with spacious compartments and multiple pockets to carry your... Read More

Genius G-Pen F610 6" x 10" ultra slim tablet for pen writing

CODE: SKU000656

Rs.10915   Rs.9900
G-Pen F610 is the brand new slim tablet with 6"x10" working area and one cordless pen for PC Windows and MACs to write, draw, sketch and sign emails. Using... Read More

Genius MaxFighter F-17 USB PC Joystick
Rs.1765   Rs.1550
In stock
MaxFighter F-17 from Genius is an ideal joystick that has precise control with four buttons and a throttle to use when playing flight games. Plus, the turbo... Read More

Genius LuxePad Ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad
Rs.6205   Rs.5300
In stock
LuxePad is a brand new Bluetooth keyboard from Genius that brings you more convenience when you’re using your iPad. Use LuxePad on your desk, your lap, or... Read More

Genius Traveler 6000 Wireless Optical Mouse
Rs.1865   Rs.1390
In stock
Genius introduces a new wireless optical mouse - Traveler 6000. Simple and handy, it improves your daily working efficiency and is suitable for either hand.