Genius Notebook Stand NB-280 (Silver)

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Genius Notebook Stand NB-280 is designed to help prevent your notebook from overheating during extended use.
The aluminum base makes the design much more fashionable and heat dissipation more efficient.
A fan draws heat away from the base of the notebook, allowing for better circulation and ventilation under the notebook casing.
It’s flat and lightweight and the cable stores around the fan easily

- powerful built-in fan cools your laptop

- aluminum case makes cooling more efficient
- additional USB port for other device
- compatible with 10” to 15” notebooks including wide screen
- silent solution for notebook cooling

Package contents
- NB Stand 280
- user’s manual

- dimensions: 295x236x47 mm
- gift box size: 300x54x248 mm
- carton size: 616x557x268 mm
- body Weight 600g

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