Audionic Vision-7 (USB, SD Card Player, FM)

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Play Audio files directly from USB Flash Drive or SD/ MMC Card. Even without connecting to PC or DVD/VCD Player. Built-in FM Radio

High Output
This system has output power upto 5000 Watts (P.M.P.O.).

USB Port
Play MP3 files directly from Flash Drive.

SD/MMC Card Slot
Just Plug in the SD/MMC Card in Card Slot and enjoy audio.

Built-in FM Radio
Built-in FM Radio, Use this speaker as a FM Radio without connecting it to the PC.

Ease with Wireless Remote Control
This speaker system comes with a wireless remote control that has full function in adjusting your Sound Output Levels.

Hi-Fi Sub-woofer
The Hi-Density sub-woofer is capable to provide high class bass output.

2.1 Channel Sound
Included 2 Satellite Speakers to Handle higher frequency and 1 Sub-woofer for lower frequency. This combination makes extraordinary sound quality.

BassDuct Technology
The BassDuct is engineered to enhance the lower frequency range and provide high Bass Output.

Magnetically Shielded
Magnetically Shielded Sub-woofer Driver.

5.25\" Sub-woofer Drive Unit
Big Speaker, Big Base. This Speaker system has 5.25 Inch Sub-woofer.

Wooden Made
Wooden Made Sub-woofer body to enhance quality of Bass.

  • Power Output: 5000W (P.M.P.O.), 30W + 10x2W (R.M.S.)
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz ~ 20Khz
  • Drive Unit: 5.25\"x1+ 3\" +1.5\"x 2
Its display is not working and i bought it 1 month ago. So i ve very bad experience of buying it
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