A4Tech 3100N Padless Wireless Desktop

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No lag · No cursor vibration
 . 15 m operating range
 . Size freely capture any part of your screen
 . Comfort round edged keycaps
 . Numeric keypad doubles as a mouse


Dual-function key
. Screen capture tool download &update
. Execute up to 5 chosen PC commands
. Screen capture tool consists of value-added functions, such as:
Screen capture, TutorPen, 16-in-One, 4-way wheel,
multi-link management, DPI, etc.

Vertical light ensures perfect precision
.Short light path consumes lower power
.Incomparable adaptability on all surfaces
.Smoothly when using even on soft fabrics
.Tiny lens hole brings the best precision

Innovative V-Track technology utilizes vertical light which goes deep into the details of all surfaces. Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere, even on furry textiles. Throw away your mouse pad!

Multi-link receiver
compatible with G3/G5/G7/G9/G10 series

Package Contents:

. 2.4G wireless keyboard
. 2.4G wireless padless mouse
. Multi-link receiver (Red)
. USB extension cable
. 2 AA alkaline batteries for keyboard
. 1 AA alkaline battery for mouse

System Requirements
Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7


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